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Welcome! We are Balkan Knitties – wool socks and slippers hand-knitted by grandmas in Bulgaria using 100% home-spun sheep wool, lots of love and patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our goal is to create additional income opportunities for retired women and preserve the knitting tradition of Bulgaria.

Balkan Knitties turns a popular hobby among grandmas – knitting – into a source of income for them. Bulgarian grannies not only enjoy knitting, they’re also really good at it – they’re knitting ninjas.

Bulgaria has a centuries-old tradition of hand-knitting. Every region of the country has its own specific and intricate knitting patterns – a reflection of local customs and beliefs. Even villages from the same region are characterized by their unique knitting patterns. In the past wool socks were part of the traditional attire. Nowadays, wool socks and slippers can be found in every Bulgarian home and are a great way to keep the feet warm and happy.

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